Happy International Vegan Day! Today we take some time to truly celebrate the movement that’s sweeping the nation off its meat.


1) “Vegans are trim and fit!”


Vegans are, on average, up to 20 pounds lighter than meat-eaters are.

2) “Vegans are doing right by our planet!”


Living a vegan lifestyle helps cut back on the amount of water, land and greenhouse gas emissions used for meat production.

3) “Vegan food is delicious!”


A delicious and convenient, protein option for everyone, gardein is dedicated to creating healthier versions of the food people love to eat!

4) “Vegans love animals!”


Going vegan saves the lives of over 100 animals per year.

5) “Vegans are really good at jokes!”


We think this joke speaks for itself.

6) “Vegans save $$$ on healthcare! Better health = less trips to see the doctor!”


Studies have shown that vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease and cancer.

 7) “Vegans have more energy!”


“I was 27, and I felt I had to change my life. My knees were sore, my joints ached, I had back problems and my cholesterol was 275.” And after? Says Salley, “I was playing so well it was crazy.”-John Salley, 4-time NBA championship player

8) “Vegans know great restaurants!”


Food experts like Kathy Freston and The Healthy Voyager offer all kinds of insider information on great vegan restaurants to try out!

9) “Vegans save plenty of money!”


Plant protein used in a vegan diet is usually less expensive than animal protein.

10) “You’ll be in good company!”


All the cool kids are doing it.