When you get that craving and want a quick, effortless dinner, it’s hard not to turn to eating out. Skip the fast food and all its additives, and save a few bucks by cooking up your own take-out! Here are just a few favorite takeout dishes that you can make at home in a snap!


Buy or make ahead frozen pizza dough. Then just add gardein and your favorite toppings! Try one of our recipes below. If you’re really in a rush, grab a pizza pocket!

– Barbecue Chick’n Pizza
– Chick’n Ranch Flatbread


Craving that fast food crunchy taco with ground? This beefless taco has got you covered. If you’re looking for something a little more authentic or a more creative spin on Mexican, check out some of the recipes below.

– Chick’n Tostadas
– Beefless Soft Tacos
– Chick’n Flautas


Cook up these Chinese take-out favorites in a flash! You can even order the cartons online to serve dinner in, if you want to get the full experience.

– Beefless Chow Mein
– Kung Pow Chick’n
– Potstickers


Stir fry veggies and our chick’n strips for a quick chick’n teriyaki. Or if you feel that craving for sushi, roll some at home! Add some izakaya favorites, and you’ll have a smorgasbord of Japanese favorites!

– Fishless Tempura Roll
– Chick’n Teriyaki Roll
– Chick’n Yakitori Skewers
– Chick’n Teriyaki Skewers


For those times when nothing will satisfy except pad thai and satay, keep these recipes in your back pocket and you’ll always be ready!

– Chick’n Pad Thai
– Beefless Satay

Still trying to satisfy a craving? Find the recipe you’re looking for here!