Have you seen the amazing gardein #Instachef community? We can’t get enough of the gorgeous photos gardein fans are posting, and we want to see more! Feel like you’d like to brush up on your photog skills? We’ve got a few tips for snapping picture-perfect shots, whether it’s your unbelievably beautiful dinner, travel memories, or everyday moments with your family. Here are three simple ways to get started taking eye-dazzling pictures!

Shed Some Light on the Situation

Good light is one of the simplest and most important ingredients in a beautiful food photo.
Natural indirect light illuminates your subject, without casting the wrong color tones, like the yellowish hue that comes from incandescent lighting.

Bonus Tip –
Use a flat white surface as reflector to bounce light into areas that are too shadowy. On the other end of the spectrum, a gauzy window curtain or scarf can help diffuse and soften harsh light.

Show Your True Colors

We love COLOR. Vibrant colors from fresh produce add character to a photo and make them eye-catching. Even a small splash of green from a sprinkled garnish can do wonders for otherwise monotone foods.

Bonus Tip –
Check out a color wheel to find colors that complement each other well. Pairing colors on opposite ends of the color wheel tend to create vibrant images – think about strawberries or tomatoes in a salad, or basil sprinkled over the top of marinara.

Frame of Mind

Spend a little extra time composing the photo. A few well-placed props can create context and tell a story. Always remember, the food is the focus, and everything else in frame should be there for a reason.

Bonus Tip –
The rule of thirds is an easy cheat to remember in composing your shot. Imagine drawing two horizontal lines dividing the photo into even thirds, and two vertical lines dividing the photo into thirds again, so there are 9 equal spaces. The subject or focus of your photo should line up with one of these imaginary lines or at the intersection of these imaginary lines.