FB_Gardein_Image_715x600Looking for some St. Patrick’s Day inspiration? Throw a celebration for your tastebuds with one of these easy, Irish-inspired dishes!

Beefless Kebabs & Colcannon

Go traditional! Colcannon is a classic Irish dish of mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale. Here’s our recipe, served up with beefless tips sautéed in a zesty herb mixture

Turk’y Cutlets & Leeks served over Colcannon

Twisted Vegan opted for a St. Patrick’s Day colcannon too, but cooked up some crispy turk’y cutlets, and whiskey-scented creamed leaks that sound absolutely divine! Find the recipe here.

Classic Beefless Stew

A hearty comfort classic, you can’t go wrong with beefless stew! Try Chef Tal’s recipe, with potatoes, pearl onions and veggies, simmered in thyme and rosemary.

Irish Steakless Stout Stew

A traditional Irish stew is cooked with a dark Irish beer, for a satisfyingly full body. We love this vegan stew created by C’est La Vegan!

Corned Beefless Tips & Cabbage

This is a St. Patrick’s Day favorite in America! Meet the Shannons’ corned beefless tips are marinated in white wine, pickling spices, and liquid smoke to get that delicious cured flavor. Finish the dish off with a side of cabbages and potatoes  – and maybe even a green beer!