College offers many new experiences- newfound freedom, creating your own schedule, new eating habits and maybe even a little partying. With all this excitement, it’s good to make sure to stay a little health conscious and avoid gaining those dreaded Freshman 15 pounds. Don’t worry – gardein is here to help and make this a super easy transition for you!

It’s easy to get into the habit of eating quick, not-so-healthy meals between classes, at meal-time and late night study sessions. So try a break from the cafeteria and heat up some delicious and easy to make Gardein Pocket Meals – ready whenever you need something good & quick!

  1. Our BBQ Pulled Porkless Shreds Pocket Meal is a soft dinner roll that’s packed with pulled porkless shreds in a tangy barbque sauce – it’s ready in 2 minutes, only 230 calories and tastes like it’s straight off the grill.
  2. Our crispy chick’n pocket meal brings you a chick’n wrap, coated in roasted breadcrumbs providing a crunch into its soft kale, barley and sundried tomato savoury filling. This meal is ready to fill you up in only 5 minutes and has 22g of protein with only 280 calories!
  3. Our Italian Sausage Pocket Meal is a soft dinner roll filled with rich-tasting Italian meat-free sausage, roasted red peppers, sweet potatoes and spinach – this special pocket packs all the taste of Italy with just 240 calories!

All three of these snack-sized meals are the perfect grab and go finger food for Freshmen.

So enjoy your first year of college, make Gardein Pocket Meals your healthy meal choice and finish your freshman year – minus the 15!