FB_Gardein_Image_715x600Looking for clean eating? We’ve got the list for you – the 100 Best Clean Foods from Prevention!

Every year, top health and wellness magazine Prevention hand-picks the ultimate shopping list for clean, healthy eats.  And this year, they’ve chosen gardein’s mini crabless cakes!

Prevention’s cleanest eating picks all have to:

  1. Contain no more than 10 g of added sugars
  2. Are low in or devoid of  artificial ingredients
  3. Prioritize organic or sustainably sourced ingredients
  4. Are sustainable per Monterey Bay Aquarium’s criteria (if seafood)
  5. Are made without excess sodium
  6. Are new to the market within the past 18 months
  7. Taste absolutely delicious

Prevention is a print and digital magazine with 6.8 million monthly visitors and 244,184 readers. Find them online or pick up your copy today to read more about the 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods!