We’ve had a great Earth month sweeping people off their meat from the Sustainable Business Council awards, to the NYC Green Festival, to Earth Day New York, to Gentle Barn’s Earth Day event, to a dinner with the great folks at Sea Shepherd and everything in between. Along the way we connected with old friends and new and we want to give a huge shout out to all. Earth month may be coming to a close but it continues every day at Gardein. By choosing Gardein over red meat this past month, together we’ve reduced meat production by more than 1.8 million lbs. This saves over 48 million lbs. of grain, 390 million gallons of water, 540 million square feet of land and 7 billion BTUs of fossil fuel. Not bad for one month of tasty treats and there’s lots more to do!

Sources: J.L. Capper, Journal of Animal Science, December, 2011.