Keep those healthy habits going all year long! Here’s a simple tip – eat more fiber. A new study published last week shows that making sure you get 30 g of fiber a day could lead to nearly as much weight loss as cutting out sugar, fat, sodium, and high-calorie foods.

According to the Institute of Medicine, most Americans are getting only half the fiber they should be eating. The Institute recommends 25 grams of fiber per day for women, and 38 grams for men, but according to the Mayo Clinic, most Americans only eat an average of 15 grams.

True fact: high-fiber foods leave you feeling fuller and satisfied. Plant-based foods like whole grains, fruits, nuts, and especially legumes like beans and peas are packed with fiber. Bet you didn’t know how much fiber was is in these yummy foods!

  • Rice (1 ounce = 6g)
  • Quinoa (1 cup = 5g)
  • Lima beans (1 cup = 14g)
  • Black beans (1 cup = 16g)
  • Raspberries (1 cup = 8g)
  • Strawberries (1 cup = 3g)
  • Peas (1 cup = 14g)
  • Almonds (1 ounce = 4g)

Flavor packed plant protein like gardein’s chipotle black bean burger (7 g of fiber), black bean sliders (6 g of fiber), beefless ground (3 g of fiber), meatless meatloaf (5 g of fiber) and beefless tips (3 g of fiber) can be used in endless tasty recipes!

So just by adding in a few delicious high-fiber foods, you could be well on your way to a healthier, happier you! Eating healthy has never been easier!