Gardein_Blog_Main_Food_Tradition_800x340Here are the biggest food trends for 2016!

TREND: Chilies and Spicy Foods

Sriracha was all the rage in the last few years, but there are some new spicy stars on the rise. Gochujang and sambal oelek are both chili sauces from Asia that are the talk of the town right now. Gochujang is a Korean hot chili sauce with a little sweetness, while sambal oelek hails from Indonesia and often has hints of garlic and lime.

TRY IT: This spicy beefless panang curry evens out the spice, or try sambal with these beefless lettuce wraps.

TREND: Cultural Cuisine

The national palate is going global. More and more people are trying new international cuisines, and looking for new culinary experiences.

TRY IT: Find an adventure without leaving town, and try this Morroccan beefless tagine.

TREND: Veggie Swaps

Have you noticed a lot of spaghetti squash in your social media feeds? More and more friends wanting to go to gluten-free or paleo-friendly restaurants when you meet up? It’s an international phenomenon – pasta sales are down across the world. People are focusing more on protein and vegetables than the former staple carbs, so this year swapping veggies will be all the rage.

TRY IT: Nom these irresistible pesto zoodles with meatless meatballs.

TREND: Quick Bites

Life in 2016 is on the go! Small bites and quick snacks are the way to keep moving and doing without slowing down.

TRY IT: Get some grab & go goodness with these pocket meals.

TREND: Sustainable and Ethical Companies

The increasing awareness of businesses’ environmental impact is showing in the grocery store. Many are looking to support sustainable and ethical practices with their pocketbooks.

TRY IT: Did you know eating one less burger per week is like taking your car off the road for 320 miles? Find out more about how plant-based eating saves the environment!


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