Build your vacation around one of your favorite fun-in-the-sun activities, and you’ll come back from vacation fit and glowing!

  • Low Impact – GOLFING

Ease into a vacation fitness routine with a low impact activity, like golfing. Walking an 18-hole course can be equivalent to 5 miles and burn 2,000 calories! The swinging motion of golf also helps improve flexibility and balance.

There are luxury golf resorts worldwide, from the esteemed Pebble Beach in California, to the slice-of-paradise resorts in Hawaii.

  • Cardio & HIIT – TENNIS

Keep that heart pumping with tennis, great for cardio and high intensity interval training. The direction changes and short sprints are excellent for keeping your heart rate up. A one-hour game can burn anywhere between 300-600 calories.

Tennis academies are easy to find across the country, especially in California and Florida, but for a more exotic vacation, look for resorts in the Virgin Islands or Switzerland.

  • Core & Strength Training – SURFING

Challenge your body with a whole-body workout that involves cardio, strength, and balance – surfing. Studies show almost 54% of time in the water is spent paddling, which is low-resistance strength-training and cardio. Then work your core by jumping from a lying position, to a squat, to standing.

Surfing resorts are in the most idyllic of locations, including Fiji, Samoa, and Tahiti.

  • Flexibility & Mobility – YOGA

Yoga is the ultimate vacation fitness exercise – benefits include increased flexibility, mobility, balance and toning/strengthening muscles. The meditative qualities of yoga also make it ideal for rest and relaxation.

Since yoga requires very little equipment and space, it’s easy to find the perfect yoga retreat, whether you’re yearning for something local, or a trip to Mexico, Thailand or Bali.