2015 is here and we’re ready to help you reach your goals!

It’s time to throw out those pizza boxes and get all your clothes off that treadmill in the corner! So let’s get started.

Here are some helpful hints about transforming yourself in 2015. By following these tips, you can start your path to achieving more and when you face 2016, you’ll be amazed just how far you’ve come!

 Stay Active

Makes sense, right?

 sit ups new years resolutions

Did you know that the average half hour TV show has 8 minutes of commercial breaks?

 Tip: Instead of fast forwarding the DVR, try doing some squats, sit ups or push-ups during the commercials of your favorite TV shows. Try out this routine or invent your own:

– 1st break: do squats

– 2nd break: do sit ups

– 3rd break: do push ups

Gradual Substitutions

One step at a time!

Gardein ground meatless pasta dishes

Learn to make one, new healthy dish a month and work it into your diet.

Tip: Try putting new spins on favorites. For example, whole grain pasta or spaghetti noodles along with Gardein’s beefless ground for healthier and tastier Italian cuisine! Click here for more recipes -> http://bit.ly/gardeinrecipes

More Fruits and Vegetables

Add more color to your plate!

colorful fruits

Fruits and vegetables are also full of vitamins and antioxidants, which will help build and support a healthy immune system. Check what’s in season at your local grocery store! Winter favorites include: persimmons, pears, passion fruits, sweet dumpling squash and more!

Tip: Eat at least one fruit or vegetable per meal, whether it’s putting bananas in your breakfast cereal or including a salad as a part of your dinner!

Set small but attainable goals and your 2015 will look brighter. Stick with it and the only resolution you will have for 2016 will be making room in your closet for new and smaller clothes!