FB_Gardein_Image_715x600Gardein Executive Chef Jason Stefanko and the Healthy Voyager chatted healthy holiday habits and how to avoid the naughty list when it comes to holiday eats! Check out their top tips here!

Immunity Boost

Give your body a boost and pack in lots of Vitamin-C packed produce, like strawberries and citrus. Chef Jason likes to get his daily dose every morning with a tasty breakfast smoothie. His secret weapon for super-charging his immune system is camu camu powder, which comes from a tropical berry that packs a huge Vitamin C punch.

Healthy Swaps

Get all the flavor of the season without the extra fat and sugar by using plant-based alternatives. Coconut or soy based whipped cream is a lighter dairy swap that’s typically zero cholesterol and less fat. Plant-based appetizers like gardein’s crabless cakes or beefless wellingtons are also a quick and easy alternative with zero cholesterol!

Steer Clear of Grazing

Before you don that uglytacky sweater and head to a party, Chef Jason recommends filling up on a light, healthy meal. Have only a bite or two of the sugary and heavy party foods, and make them treats rather than a whole meal. Portion controlling these indulgent foods will keep them from weighing you down, and still let you indulge!

Stock Up for Winter

Nobody wants to cook the day after a holiday – kick back and relax, confident that your meals are taken care of by prepping ahead of time. Cook reheatable meals, such as lasagna, and stock up the freezer.  Chef Jason is a big believer in batch-cooking easy-to-mix meal elements, like quinoa or rice and veggies, for a quick throw-together meal like a quinoa bowl or vegetable and chick’n stir fry.

Check out the whole chat between Chef Jason and the Healthy Voyager on Facebook, and pick up all the tips to make the season bright!