FB_Gardein_Image_715x600Whether you’re treating a loved one this weekend, or just indulging yourself with a little extra TLC, nothing says luxury like breakfast in bed! Here are a few tricks to make your morning-time treat absolutely perfect!

STEP 1: Cook Up a Simple Masterpiece

Keep it simple! Quick and easy meals are ideal for breakfast in bed, so whoever you’re treating doesn’t have to stay in bed waiting. Try a simple favorite, like chick’n and waffles.

BONUS TIP: A wrap, like this zesty black bean breakfast wrap helps keep the mess to a minimum!

STEP 2: Drink it In!

For a lot of people, that morning hot beverage is a must, whether it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Make sure to include their favorite. To go the extra mile, include a glass of fresh-squeezed juice too!

BONUS TIP: Rather than bringing just a cup of coffee or tea, bring a whole tea set. A nice pot or kettle, along with a pitcher of ‘cream’ and bowl of sugar make it clear it’s a special occasion.

STEP 3: It’s All in the Details

Don’t forget the sides! Fresh fruit is a sweet treat, but also adds a pop of color to make your breakfast look not only delicious but gorgeous too!  Bananas are also an aphrodisiac.

BONUS TIP: For a little extra love, cut shapes into your fruit. Strawberries are especially easy to turn into hearts. Cut off the stems and cut in half lengthwise. Then cut a little “v” at the top, and voila!

STEP 4: Set the Scene

Pull all of these ingredients together and arrange on a tray or serving platter. Make sure to include a full setting and napkin.

BONUS TIP: For special occasions, tuck a card or note in.