FB_Gardein_Image_715x600Here’s a few quick tips to step up your cooking game and run your kitchen like a pro!

Fresh Herbs All Year Long

Wondering what to do with leftover herbs when you’ve only used a teaspoon from a whole bunch? Freeze them in oil to preserve them and make them easy to pop into dishes later! The oil keeps the herbs from getting freezer burn or browning, and has the added benefit of an herb-infused oil. This is especially useful for hardier herbs, such as oregano, thyme and rosemary that are cooked into dishes instead of served raw like basil or dill. To freeze, fill ice cube trays 2/3 full with whole or chopped herbs and pour oil over. Cover with plastic and freeze overnight, then transfer to baggies or Tupperware.

Evergreen Avocados

Sprinkling lemon or lime juice on avocado or apples will keep them from turning brown, while adding a hint of tartness. Gardein Tasting Kitchen pro-tip: When our culinary team whips up big batches of guacamole, it’s kept fresh and green by, pressing plastic wrap or aluminum foil to the top, leaving no air between the cover and the guac.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

For recipes that call for citrus juice, like lemons, limes, or oranges, you can roll the fruit to make the juicing fly by. As the fruit rolls, the juice-filled cells inside burst, making juicing by hand a breeze!

Kitchen Ninja

Learn how to chop, slice, and dice like a pro by cutting in a rolling motion, with a sharp chef’s knife.





Check out the Rouxbe Cooking School for more kitchen pro-tips and cooking techniques. There’s a wide range of video lessons, whether you’re just learning the basics or want to step up your game. And to get you started, gardein will pitch in for the initiation fee! Check out the school at gardein.com/learntocook/.