Kristen Bell does it all! She acts in countless box-office smashes like Frozen, Get Him to the Greek, Couples Retreat, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She sings and dances. Starts a record breaking Kickstarter page for the Veronica Mars movie. She volunteers with 17 different charitable organizations like the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

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On top of all of that, she is an active, awesome mom!

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How does she find the energy to be so good at so many things? According to the starlet, her meat-free diet certainly plays a big part. Bell became a vegetarian at the young age of 11 when she decided she disliked the taste of meat and animal cruelty. The actress grew to enjoy her vegetarian diet so much that three years ago she made the switch to veganism.


On living a meatless lifestyle, she comments that it is “more about health benefits than the ethics.” Bell loves cooking and experimenting with new vegan dishes. Her favorite vegan dish is acorn squash. “I’ll make, like, eight of them – they’re single servings – and put them in a bowl,” she says. “It is a great alternative to a salad.”

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But the secret ingredient Bell uses to spice up her dishes is chipotle pepper. “It’s got that smoky flavor that you don’t find in many vegan dishes,” Bell attests.


Bell is far from the typical Hollywood starlet: She is not obsessed with meeting the outrageous beauty standards expected of female movie stars. Her healthy dietary choices, hard work, and immense talent make her a great role model to both boys and girls.


Kristen truly isn’t just another beautiful face. However, her good looks and even better diet earned her the title of PETA’s 2013 Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian. Can’t blame her for looking good while eating great!

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Additionally, Bell serves as a living example of what one can accomplish by choosing a meat-free diet. You should ask yourself, “If someone as busy as Bell can benefit from eating a healthy diet – without sacrificing taste – why can’t I?” You might just be surprised by the results a meatless diet yields!