Clint Carter, editor at Men’s Health Magazine, has the inside scoop for the latest and greatest in tailgating, and his recommendation for delicious, healthy food is gardein! He put it best when he called gardein “Meatless tailgating options that are actually SO DELICIOUS that you would never know they were meatless!”

meatless tailgating

Not only does Clint recommend gardein for tailgating and gameday shindigs, he’s got a favorite for every type of party you might have planned. For a traditional tailgate, Clint’s a fan of gardein’s crispy chick’n sliders, complete with a fixings bar so guests can customize to their delight. He calls the beefless tacos a crowd-pleaser that will win everyone over at a potluck tailgate. And his advice for a twist on tailgating snacking is fish and chips, with gardein’s fishless filets.


As Clint says, gardein makes it “really easy to be healthier” during your tailgating, so don’t miss out on this inside scoop!