chick’n strips/cubes

Notice: This Product Only Availiable in the US!

chick’n strips/cubes


Cook until the internal temperature reaches a minimum of 165° F. Suited for: stir fries, curries and other sauced dishes (medium to high ph sauces).

Sauté from frozen: 3-4 minutes in an oiled non-stick pan until golden brown. Let rest for one minute before serving. Microwave: for best results when using a microwave, heat gardein chick'n strips in sauce or covered in a fajita or quesadilla to prevent drying.

Tip: gardein frozen product can be added to prepared sauces at the final stages of cooking. For best results, brown first, then add to sauce. gardein, like meat, performs best when allowed to rest after cooking and is not served piping hot. Do not overcook.