seven grain crispy tenders

Notice: This Product Only Availiable in the US!

Celebrate a healthier lifestyle with gardein seven grain crispy tenders. A good-for-you version of the food people most love to eat, our tenders will satisfy even the pickiest of appetites, and help the planet too!


Gardein’s tasty vegetarian chicken tenders are made from non-GMO soy, wheat and canola oil, with a crispy baked-on breading of organic ancient grains like Kamut, millet, amaranth, and quinoa.

They’re certified vegetarian, vegan and dairy free and like most Gardein foods, they are also certified kosher.

Gardein seven grain crispy tenders are just one of many satisfying choices from our award-winning line of healthy, delicious, and convenient meat-free foods, including beefless strips and fishless filets.

And we’re not just your everyday vegetarian chicken! Our tenders contain 8 grams of protein per serving—with only 4.5 grams of fat—and no saturated fat, trans fat, or sugars. One serving provides 6% Daily Value of iron and has Fiber too.

Use our delicious and versatile seven grain crispy tenders to replace traditional tenders at mealtime or snack time—or anytime. They’re a fun, smart choice that your kids (and you) will love.

Not only will you feel better, you’ll feel better about yourself. And our vegetarian chick’n tenders will hit the spot every time.

For a delicious, food, heat and serve with your favorite dipping sauce—how about a chipotle mayo?

Or, pop seven grain crispy tenders into the toaster oven and add to salads or stuff into pita pockets for a quick, meat-free meal. Now you’re cooking!

All Gardein vegetarian chicken products, like mandarin crispy chick’n and other choices, make for delicious, healthy meat-free meals, perfect for Meatless Mondays, or any day of the week.

Whether you are transitioning into a healthier lifestyle or simply want quick and easy recipes that taste great and happen to be healthier for you, Gardein seven grain crispy tenders are healthy, convenient, and most of all, delicious.

Our tenders taste so great, we even made Self Magazine’s Meatless Mondays lineup of what to eat while watching Monday Night Football! A great meatless meal to enjoy while cheering on your favorite team.

Try us! Gardein tasty and delicious vegetarian chicken turn doubters into droolers and skeptics into true believers.