Gardein was truly honored to host a private dinner in West Hollywood for one of our favorite groups fighting for the protection of our world’s oceans and animal species, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The 40-person, ocean-themed dinner was hand crafted by our Executive Chef and his culinary team. Each appetizer was named after the heroic ships of the organization including: SS Sam Simon fishless filet and chips, SS Brigitte Bardot crabless cakes with saucy sriracha aioli, SS Steve Irwin mini tunaless melt and SS Bob Barker king oyster mushroom scallops. The three-course dinner started with a cream of asparagus soup, followed by an arugula pear salad and culminated with a pecan crusted Gardein chick’n scallopini over butternut squash ravioli with cashew cream beurre blanc.

The dinner was enjoyed by VIP guests including Captain Paul Watson of  “Whale Wars” and founder of Sea Shepherd, musical artist Moby, director of The Cove, Louie Psyhoyos, actor Rutger Hauer, actor Billy McNamara, legendary songwriter Diane Warren, Susan Hartland and Farrah Smith of  Sea Shepherd and the amazing host, filmmaker James Costa (Lunch Hour).

We were thrilled to host the Sea Shepherd celebration on the heels of their recent win to save whales and dolphins worldwide. What a great way to launch earth month at Gardein!

Please support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society at: