Make the workweek work for you! Making these five healthy habits part of your everyday office routine will keep your fitness goals workin’ from 9 to 5!

 1) Set a Plan of Action

Meal prep is the name of the game – planning your meals ahead will stop the guesswork and cut out impulse decisions. Whether you do a full meal prep for the week, or just prep the night before, planning out what you’re going to eat will help you make more health-conscious decisions.

For a simple night-before prep, slice your favorite toppings and mix up an avocado salsa or sriracha mayo to add to chick’n sliders. Ten minutes of prep time for a tasty, healthy work lunch

2) Use the Buddy System

Get by with a little help from a friend! Getting a colleague to join in provides a surefire support system. With a buddy, you can chat goals, set up workout dates, and trade your favorite healthy recipes. If you’re the competitive type or just need a little moral support, a friend can give you that extra push.

3) Keep an Emergency Stash

We all have those days when we run out the door and forget everything, including the perfect, light, healthy lunch. Stay ahead of the game and keep an emergency stash in the office freezer. Chick’n tenders are an excellent quick lunch, and can double-up as a healthier snack for when the munchies hit!

4) Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Steer clear of that community candy bowl and cookie jar! Those tiny candies are more irresistible than you might think – studies* have shown that candy in a visible bowl instead of an opaque container get eaten almost twice as many times.

Get proactive about the issue – lead the office charge to replace the candy bowl with a fruit bowl.

5) Hydrate to Motivate

Need to up your water intake? Find ways to add more water consumption into your daily routine! Drink water first thing in the morning, and with meals instead a sugary juice or soda. Also try setting reminders, of find an app that nudges you at set times throughout the day. If you need a visual reminder, set time goals to drink a set amount and mark a water bottle with those goals. Drinking more water keeps your body hydrated but can also help curb appetite! So drink up!