Welcome back! Our friend, nutritionist and author, Heather Bauer, gives 5 more tips to supercharge your body for 2015.

heather bauer

6) Eat your veggies as pasta – Swap spaghetti squash or zucchini for your regular pasta. It’s an easy gluten-free and vegan option, and a great source for dietary fiber, and vitamins B and C. Add some gardein to the mix, and you’ll have a healthier spaghetti and meatballs, with tons of vital nutrients, and much less carbohydrates. Check out this Bolognese recipe, but switch the noodles up with cooked spaghetti squash!

 pasta and vegetables

7) Buy sprouted breads – These are popping up in stores everywhere, since sprouted grain breads have less gluten, are richer in antioxidants and higher in protein than traditional bread products.

 sprouted breads

8) Turmeric – Your new post workout must- Turmeric is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents known to man. It has great healing properties for athletes, and is more and more readily available in bars, protein products and supplements.  To help decrease joint pain and help faster recovery, try adding turmeric to a post workout smoothie.  Cooking can reduce its benefits so it’s best to use in raw form and look for an organic version which is free of pesticides.


9) Cheers to Lychee- I love lychees for their sweet, fragrant flavor and refreshing taste. Bonus, they’re also rich in vitamin C and minerals like potassium and copper.  Try a fresh lychee cocktail for a great alternative to sugary mixers.


10) Buy non-GMO foods- Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are a big part of the conversation for 2015. Look for non-GMO labels to ensure your foods haven’t been artificially manipulated through genetic engineering which can have added health risks. Gardein’s a good choice because it’s made with non-GMO soy and wheat and in the process of being certified by the Non-GMO Project.


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