FB_Gardein_Image_715x600Sustainable businesses are the future, and gardein is trailblazing the way! Executive Chef Jason Stefanko joined award-winning artist and animal activist Moby, along with other Los Angeles-based green business professionals in discussing sustainability.

Plant-based lifestyles are the magic bullet of activism

Moby introduced the event by describing how plant-based lifestyles are “the magic bullet of activism” and “solve myriad issues and problems with one choice,” from reducing ecological impact, improving farm animal welfare, and improving individual health. The talk then opened up to the panel of leading professionals in sustainable business, including media professionals such as Maranda Pleasant , editor of ORIGIN, REAL, and Thrive magazines, and Rich Roll, author, podcaster and ultra-marathon athlete, and plant-based food leaders such as Follow Your Heart CEO, Bob Goldberg,  Café Gratitude Owner Ryland Engelhart, and gardein’s own Chef Jason. These guest speakers took questions and discussed business solutions for climate change, and how to effect changes on a personal level.

Food is the conduit to that conversation about sustainability

Chef Jason discussed how meatless foods, such as gardein, fit into the shifting global dialogue, saying “Food is definitely a conduit to that conversation.” In getting people across the country to try meat-free foods, food becomes an icebreaker to discussing how the meat industry impacts the environment and personal health . He continued, “it opens up that conversation to, well, why would you want to eat a meatless meatball, or why would you want to eat a fishless filet?” An audience member had the immediate answer “Cause they’re good!” The 250 attendees got the chance to see for themselves, as gardein’s chick’n satay, fishless filets, and crabless cakes were served at the following reception.

We’re marketing magic… I tell people I’m 50… I should look like Gollum. The only thing that saved me was veganism.

The panel also discussed how to convince not only people, but businesses, to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Moby’s advice was to “Live well” and that a plant-based lifestyle “sells itself” when people know the benefits. “We’re marketing magic,” he said, “I tell people I’m 50 … I should look like Gollum.”

Check out the entire discussion for some thought-provoking discussion on sustainability. The Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization that provides networking and resources for local business trying to reduce their environmental impact. Find out more at sustainablebc.org.